If Your’e Looking For Baseball Podcasts…

Now that the season is in full swing, I’ve been on the hunt for some good baseball podcasts. I came across two different sites that have a list of recommendations: 

  1. Baseball By Paul
  2. Chicken Fried Baseball

So far I like ESPN’s Baseball Today the best, though I’ve only checked out a couple. Baseball Prospectus’ Up and In is a little too long for me (as it runs for over 2 hours) and they tend to go on tangents that I don’t find particularly interesting (but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t). 

I am currently listening to a FanGraphs podcast called The Dave Cameron which focuses on a couple specific issues (and obviously analyzing key statistics). It’s about 45 minutes and it’s been quite good so far. FanGraphs also seems to have a variety of different podcasts that are worth checking out. 

It’s worth noting that is is very early in the season, so just as in baseball statistics, we can’t be too quick to judge a podcasts quality of content on the first week. 

I’ll update this list as I listen to more of them. 

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